Help Finding Clothes

Ok, I know this might sound WAY off topic, but it is video game related, i swear.

I really want to try a new clothing style, and it stems from videos games. I have a strange “thing” For Video Game-Like clothing customization options. If that sounds confusing, here’s the simple version: I want to try getting a closet full of clothes that are exactly the same, but have different secondary colors.

Examples From Video Game:
Ok, this ended up being impossible to find images of. Just imagine any game where you pick primary / secondary colors. Most FPS armor customizations, most RPGs, ect.

Only Real Life example I’ve found so far:

Now, my problem is, there is no name for this type of thing i can use to search the internet with. I dont know how i can find more clothes with the full range of selectable vivid colors.Does anyone know how? Any sites full of things like this? I desperately want to try making some outfits that are exactly same, but different colors.

Sorry in advance if this is too obscure to be helped. I just really want to try this!

I’d suggest Dickies, you can get their stuff in a f*ckload of colors.