HELP - Buttons not always registering, or my timing is off?



Im still playing with Killer Instinct and its still AAAAAWEEEESOOOOOOOOOOOOME …usually 1-2 hours/day. Its still really fun, but experincing some really weird issues, not sure if its me, or the game.
Some of my button presses are not registering correctly. The button show off option is turned on, so i always see what button im pressing, and even if the timing is good, my character doesnt do anything. Combo assist is turned off, so its really annoying when the game (or me?) not registering a linker, or an ender. Never had this issue in training mode, only in real matches against the AI. Lost so many combos because of this. The second problem is the shadow moves, even if im pressing two buttons at the same time (i can read it in the left side of the screen), the moves are the basic versions, not the “shadow” one, and my sh. meter is full. Killer Instinct has some input problems which is known, or the problem is only existing on my end? I tried to recreate it in the practice menu but it was unsuccesful. Timing is good too. Dont really know what to do.

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EDIT: Its me, im smashing the buttons like a madman.


If combo assist is OFF, the the 2 button shadow moves doesnt work. If its off then pressing 1 button for a linker does not work. YOu have to do the actual SPECIAL move direction on the pad and then hit 2 buttons for shadow, and same with linkers and enders. You have to execute the actual special move.
Its not the game…its your technique. ONly way we can truly help you is if you post a video with direction input on showing the directional move list and your character not doing what you want.


I know i have to put the actual input. Example: (Jago) Down Back Low Kick Opener -> Down Back Two Kick Button for a shadow move - and the shadow move is not a shadow move, just the basic, even if i hit 2 kick button at the same time with the correct button presses, like in the command list. I will try to make videos but its very random, i hope i will catch it.


Pad or fight stick? Ive never had any problems with inputs…I promise you, if their were issues witht eh game it self…this forum would be LIT UP with threads and comments bashing the devs or begging fro answers. lol trust me on that!


In all likelihood it’s a user issue - KI doesn’t have any global input issues that I’m aware of, and people have been playing it for a while now. The fact that you’re having the issue only in actual matches lends further credence to this, as actual matches are when you’re most likely to be excited/into it and have your execution suffer a bit. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d suspect timing was probably your main issue, though it might be worth noting that KI does mostly expect you to hit diagonals as well (so an input is not just :arrow_down::arrow_right: xyz, but :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: xyz).

To help you, let’s first try and get some nomenclature down, as the way you’re describing your inputs isn’t totally clear to me. What do you mean by “low kick” when you say “down back low kick opener”, and what do you mean exactly when you say “down back 2 kick button for a shadow move”? What inputs and buttons are you pressing exactly?

I know it probably sounds weird, nit-picky, and unlikely to help, but please let us know what you mean when you say the above. Are you pressing LK (light kick) for your opening wind kick and then MK+LK (medium kick plus light kick) for your desired shadow, or some other two button combination? Either will work, but just want to make sure I’m understanding your inputs properly.


I believe what you are saying, the game is almost perfect gameplaywise! So yeah, i recorded a few harder matches, and im mashing buttons like crazy, lol. Its definetly not the game. Pointless to upload, my great shaky button smasher skills are visible.


Thank you for your detailed, helpful message, but i realized im mashing the combo buttons too fast or too slow, the problem is me, definetly not the game. I didnt have the intention to blame Killer Instinct for my user errors, but when im in a huge, hard match, it feels like im pressing the correct buttons, but it seems thats not the case. I just wanted to know if the game has some issues with the inputs, and im glad its not true.
Sorry for the undetailed comment! :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: MK -> Auto Double -> :arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: MK+HK (shadow move), this is what i tried to say with that unexpectedly horrible english. :sweat_smile: But this was just an example. After my recordings i realized im not always pressing the correct buttons in the heat of the battle.

Still refuse to turn on combo assist. Game is too fun without it even if im not good at making huge combos. :sunglasses:


No worries man. Glad you’re still learning and having fun!


I think you are wise to leave OFF combo assist as this will help you work on your execution and eventually all these issues that are problems now will eventually be so easy you will laugh at how you had troubles in the past! Keep working hard on it and most importantly having fun!