Help breaking Hisako

Hey guys,

I’ve been practicing breaking Ghost Waifu’s linkers and autodoubles but I just cant seem to get a read on whats what in the Dojo. The prompts tell me what strength the AI is using but besides feeling out the speed, I dont see any visual ques that indicate shes using that kind of strength.

Something about her using a weapon is really throwing me off. From what Ive seen, pretending theres an opaque horizontal plane dividing a character in half from the middle, generally Light buttons come from attacks in the background, Medium buttons come from the foreground and heavies come from the Foreground with distinct, sweeps or knees.

But I havent found out the general pattern for weapons and Ive been trying to patch that up recently.

Well, remember, she can’t delay light auto’s…so if you see her delay, then its either Med or Hvy. And, like most of the cast, (if not all…i don’t use everybody) linkers will correspond to the number of hits: 1=light, 2=medium, 3=heavy…

There are visual cues for them all…buts its hard to describe with text. Speed and sound of the hits are pretty recognizable as well.

hope this helped somewhat

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i know about the 1 2 3 thing.

didnt know about her not being able to delay Light linkers so thanks for that.

I guess I need to listen more? Outside of feeling the speeds I got nothing going for me. Optimally Id have sound, speed and visual ques.

Can you tell me more about the visual ques? I’ll take anything at this point. All her linkers look alike outside of doubles. Or maybe thats the point of linkers? Ive always been able to tell linkers apart based on how far spaced the 1 2 3s are, but hisako its Pause, 1-2-3 all at once.

Something I payed attention when playing against Sako was the sound. Her voice gives a hint on the strength she’s using (eg: when she is doing that recapture move in Instinct over and over again).
I didn’t get what you described about the “planes”. I check her pose and also if she’s hitting with the lower part of her weapon (which means kicks) or the knife top (which means punches). Considering light autodobles are visible in this case (reactable if you look for them) the only hits left are mediums and heavies. I suggest you learn by heart how to break (at least) the delayed mediums and heavies, this may also help you to catch them faster. But honestly I find her quite annoying to break (and she’s not the only one, Aria I’m looking at you).

I have a terrible time braking Hisako. Her auto doubles mix in with her linkers and my mind just sees a Beetle Bailey dust cloud with a naginata coming out of it. Others have been perplexed when I suggest she’s hard to break so I’m not sure that everyone has the same problem. But I find it really hard.

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Hisako is one of the harder characters to break in the game for sure. I recommend focusing on her linkers - those are both very breakable on reaction so long as she isn’t using the light versions.

Also, 98.79532% sure there’s an existing thread on how to break Sako. Check it out and see what people said in that one as well.

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Play against more shin hisako. Her weapon makes it easier to tell which auto double is happening imo. I also used to have a hard time breaking hisako, until I started playing shin hisako, then all of a sudden I could see hisako’s autos much more clearly.

See I couldnt even TELL her Blade was punches and her stub was KICKS. I thought bottom of stick was lights. Man this is ruff.

For light attacks Hisako doesn’t use her naginata. She just pokes you with her hands and feet.