Help! (Aria MU)

I’m finding really difficult to attackt her when she’s using her assist. The setups look like a wall you can’t enter and attack. Is there any weak spot? because I lab it but honestly I can’t get it in a real fight.
I can’t get how assist works for her, since it looks like she can call assist in the middle of the combo?? (can not replicate that). I know I can shadow counter her kness attack but with the assist on that’s not a good idea.

If I use Gargos they are more agressive, if I use Wulf they zone me more (she’s EXTREMELY fast). And breaking manuals is really hard:
Autodoubles and manuals look almost the same and her linkers are among (if not) the most difficult to break. Her damage? Pretty good. However I’m not seeying many Arias in tourney to get ideas for the match up, that’s why I’m asking here.

It’s not part of the combo system, but I guess you can use assists as a sort of a manual.

Against Gargos any Aria will try to get as close to you as possible since she has faster normals IIRC. When using Bass body (the shooty one) she can happily stay away and blast through minions and Gargos himself. I think this matchup favours ARIA.

You must not respect ARIA too much. It’s true that shotgun blitz is unsafe, but you can’t do anything if it’s covered by an assist. Just block it, try to hit the assist if possible, then go for your mixups as usual. A CB on an ARIA will take out a body. Also shotgun blitz is shadow counterable quite easily.

Not really, she only has damage if she’s got the blade out, otherwise it’s well below average.


Hitting her assists is a pretty good strategy, especially as Sabrewulf. Her assists take 250% damage, as opposed to the regular 200% that is given for a hit in neutral. That means that if you hit one of her assists with heavy Eclipse, it’ll take 23% off of that assists lifebar. Sometimes that’s worth the risk.


Worth remembering that the blade assist has initial invulnerability as if it was an actual DP.

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She can only call assists if she is in neutral. For some of her combos, she can call assists with manual timing and then still hit a regular manual and they both combo. This is typically only after openers, though (ie, if she does a medium linker, she will only have enough time to do M manual, not assist call + M manual). They are swaggy combos but I dunno that they do that much more damage than regular combos.

Shotgun blitz is shadow counterable and unsafe if not the light version; Wulf could shadow ragged edge all of them on block. It’s trickier if she calls an assist to hit slightly after the shotgun is blocked, because then that won’t be shadow counterable and it will be safer. However, then Aria is kind of close to you at even-ish or probably slightly negative frames and does not have fireball assist available. You should be able to challenge decently well after this. Also, fireball assist does not do very much damage by itself, so feel free to try and hit Aria as she is approaching with shotgun (stick a heavy button out or something). You will knock her away and then get hit by fireball assist for low damage, but you will win the trade and now Aria is knocked down (where she kinda sucks). You might want to go into training and see what buttons of yours you can use to hit Aria approaching with shotgun… I imagine the priority trade system might come into play a bit here.


Thank you all for the data =) !

It’s swag and making it more confusing for the defender. There’s no damage increase.