Help against Tusk

I need to fight close, the deflect is a problem and his pokes are quite strong. Any tips to fight the highlander? (I use Wulf).
I also could use Riptor but I haven’t figure out the match up yet. And since I haven’t face really good Tusk this is a problem. I’ve lab it but yet struggles. His c.MK and then then hp are really something. I think I can’t punish them properly (that’s for the mashers, but in the end I kind of got it).
There are also the jumping Tusks, very annoying. They would jump all the time and try to cross up or mp all the time and stagger me when trying to anti air with no invencible.

I appreciate any tip you can give me against this character.

That’s actually the trick. You don’t have to fight too close. Hang back and whiff punish him with overpower which reaches deceptively far with wulf. All in all I’d try to learn it with riptor as shes one of tusks worst match ups


You should be able to punish his heavy buttons with Shadow Leaping Slash.The jumping buttons are definently tricky but the sword itself has a hurtbox so work on timing your AAs.Let him open himself up not the other way around.


I’m going to spend most of the night in the lab today… XD


Wait what? You’re gonna spend most of the NIGHT… in the DAY! What sort of amazing voodoo hast thou conjured! :wink:

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