Help! Account Suspended on 8bitbd site!

So I went to log in to my account on 8bit beat down to show my friend how to enter for the KI Pro league and it won’t let me do anything. It just says Account Suspended. All I did was sign up and change my profile pic not sure why I’d be suspended. If anyone can help me out that would be amazing. I got someone to cover my shift at work tomorrow so I could compete. :confused:

all good now. Thank you 8bitbd!

Who’d you talk to to fix this? I’m having issues activating my account because nothing’s being sent to my email (and I’ve checked every folder regularly). I want to sign up too, but I don’t know where to turn and time’s ticking by…

I never got my email, I had to create a different account with a different email and that one got the email right away, but my first account never received it so I’d suggest just creating a new account.

I don’t have an alternate email and don’t want to create 1…

Same here. First account I never got an activation email. Had to do a second one. Then my account got suspended so I sent an email then it was back again. I just replied to the activation email I believe it was