Heavy manuals into Primal Linkers not working the way they used to?

In Season 2, Riptor could do a single hit of her HP or HK manual into either of her Primal Linkers. Late into Season 2’s life (I’m talking around the Shadow Jago update here), that stopped working the way it used to and with the launch of Season 3, it’s still the case. I don’t have video to demonstrate with, but she now has to do her far slower and more reactable HP -> HP target combo to get to the Primal Linker. Her close HK manual now does a slowed down double hit as well.

I don’t know of any time IG said that this was intentional and it’s weird to me that Primal Linkers off of only heavy manuals would suddenly start working like this. Is this a bug? Should it be fixed?

Even if it’s more reactable you can always counterbreak if that happens. If it is a big report it, if it’s not well we have ways of adjusting

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