Heavy linkers

So my friend says to do tripple bites more and when i try light reaper medium ad hard bite i get the ender i know holding light and medium give hard linkers but why can’t i use hard to get it?

Put this in the mira character thread.

If you’re getting the ender then it means you’ve got a heavy button press in there somewhere. Try to slow down your inputs a little - that will usually help with things like this. You can also turn on input display to see what you’re actually pressing and when.

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you can’t use the hard button because the hard button is for enders.

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Ok so the only way to get heavy linkers is holding lp lp mp mk?

yes. Exactly

Ok wow thats going to be hard to get used to the timing so i can counter break with them

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You don’t actually have to hold the buttons for long to get the heavy version of the linker. The window that the game is checking for “is this a tap or a hold?” is actually only a few frames long, so you can switch very quickly from a baited heavy linker into the counter breaker.

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Anyway to set the ai so i can practice breaking after heavy linkers

Go to practice and set the dummy to break on frame whatever.

What about a more natural way?

Sorry, there really isn’t if you’re talking about using an AI to test your training. You’ve no idea what a shadow’s going to break, and the default AI ranges from “never break anything” to “I’m input reading so your counter breaker will never work on me.”

you could try playing against the AI on Easy, it usually responds to any counter breaker you attempt.

What about the break in light medium or hard options?

I moved it :thumbsup:

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Holding the light and medium for just a split second brings out the Heavy linker… its very sensitive. There have been several times I didnt even want a heavy and I got becasue the time frame is very short.

You can also do a light manual much easier after that heavy linker.

Cant. Believe i got this far with out them lol