Heavy Auto Doubles Randomly Not Connecting

So more than once I’ve tried to go opener, linker, double or just in general use a heavy double and rather than come out it resets the combo entirely much to my demise or my opponents who has to eat a random reset. I can be in a 2 pip combo and suddenly reset. Has anyone had this problem with Mira or knows why it happens?

it happened to me. I find it curious that it happens in the same autodoubles she shares with maya, (hp) since maya had this problem as well on release

Was it a bug for Maya or did people just learn to get used to it.

Bug of course.

Do you have video of this happening? It’s never happened to me and I am curious to see what it looks like.

if you input an autodouble kinda late, opponents can block it.

I’ll see if I can replicate it.

this happens to me all the time with OMEN! Its because the hit stop has been shortened. Im assuming thats the correct terminology. Any way… your opponent can return to a blocked state much quicker now since S3 dropped.

If you do not buffer your next move in the combo it will whiff and they will return to block during that 1 frame. Also happens often when executing manuals, and it will happen the most with light ADs into whiffed linker.
Its super frustrating and its not a change that Im a fan of in S3.

the most frustrating part is when you get accidentally shadow countered from your opponent mashing medium break.

It’s a pain in the ■■■ for Mira because I go from her qcf k linker, heavy p auto doubles, and instead get some many bat enders instead or the reset. Not a fan either my friend.

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