Heavy air widow's bite as an ender

Iunno I jus think if maya can have mantis as an ender I feel like sadira should have heavy widow’s bite as an ender. What do you guys think

Think about it. Grab into a normal into ender. A bit Op isn’t it? Shadow version I don’t mind

Or maybe a recapture? I agree it should serve more of a purpose than it does right now.

As long as the combo that is being performed in the air is breakable (which it is now), then giving Sadira an aerial Ender is definitely possible. Keep in mind that all of her launch-based attacks (Throw, Crawl Strike, Fang and Shadow Recluse) are registered as an Opener, so whatever she performs next will be breakable on the spot (unless it’s Light/Medium Widow’s Bite, but she won’t get far after that).

And I agree with Crainiak24, I would love for Heavy Widow’s Bite to have recapture capabilities as well.

HWB is the most inopropriately used move in Sadiras arsenal. Everyone used it for combos, but it’s a great zoning tool and a great punish tool.

I even have a weird setup against Glacius players on wake up if they have instinct.

Jump back LWB and if they pop instinct and try to punish, then Kara cancel LWB into shadow WB.

Having HWB recapture is probably too good. Combos aside it would made HWB one of (if not the best) air to airs in the game. It’s a projectile and so takes priority over pretty much any other air attack in the game. Hits twice so ignores armour and recaptures into a full combo.

Just because other characters get something, doesn’t mean Sadira should get it too.

Maya can cash out with mantis, however her juggles are much easier to break than Sadiras juggles, of which you pretty much have to guess.

All characters who have a recap don’t have as strong as an air game as Sadira. Those that do, do less damage/ have worse mixup game

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nah man, sadiras juggls are way easier to break. and I’m not saying she should get it jus because maya has mantis to end combos, its jus not that gud of a move in a combo. I feel it should do something more in a combo. if you do it, then it jus basically drops ur combo.

Lots of attacks aren’t good in combos, why should HWB be?

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