Heard Rumor that Gargos is gonna be in S3 ? big mistake

I can see eyedol,i don’t want to but you have shadow jago who wascpossessed by the herald of gargos already (OMEN) ,then they make the worst fighter in the game (OMEN) sorry IG, I luv ya but he is not that good from an originality standpoint and then you add GARGOS thats 3 of the same character?? Okay lets say that we had spinal and his mask made him a meaner spinal and then on top of that they add the spinal from Ki1,it doesn’t really warrant having 3 of the same toons,bad idea guys ,if its true

Omen is specifically noted IN GAME as being the herald of Gargos. Omen was the one who possessed Jago, and has been preparing the way for him. Kan Ra essentially FOUND Gargos during his trip through the portal.

I think it’s safe to say we’ll be getting Gargos, and I hope we do. A gargoyle makes an excellent addition to a game with KI’s level of focus on monsters, and he would offer plenty of uniqueness in both his appearance and gameplay to separate him from Shadow Jago and Omen…

I find it unbelievable that you’d complain about the possibility of having Gargos in the game, but not have a problem with “goth Jago”'s initial inclusion. Up until the moment he becomes his own character with unique gameplay, he’s a true palette swap clone character, whereas Omen is entirely different (albiet with some recycled animations).


did you play season’s 1 shadow jago boss? Omen moveset was based a lot on shagos moves,well the long sweep kick anyways,maybe your right but my guess is there gonna only make 8 characters,i wanna see new charcaters ok?

  1. KIM WU
  2. TUSK
    4 RASH
    5 EYEDOL- if they make gargos then there gonna add eyedol.
    6, Shadow Jago
    ,it does depend on how many fighters they add but I guarantee it will be 8

we need a electricity based,lightning fighter like the guy of big trouble in little china

guest toons


fox mcloud

pau mei kill bill trope

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140426080426/kungfupanda/pl/images/a/a9/Tai-Lung.jpg tai lung would be amazing

this is has got to be a troll post, if not, gtfo cuz none of this made sense


its just ideas buddy ,come on they put in a battletoad as a cameo, I cant have a little fun ,all the fighters are based off tropes like maxamillion said anyway so let me have fun

I don’t think we’ll get Eyedol TBH, the Devs don’t sound enthusiastic about including him and RealEngDragon doesn’t think so and often he’s right about the predictions in KI.

RealEngDragon doesn’t like how KI is being handled anyway …And neither do I, but for a different reason.

Gargos>Eyedol by a country mile.

And your post doesn’t make sense.


as if nintendo characters would ever appear in a MS game. And kung fu panda? Wtf? Might as well add a teletubby at that point.

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I want to see new characters as well, but it wouldn’t make sense to have all the references to Gargos, then leave him out. I also don’t understand why you would say you want new characters, then suggest a bunch of guest characters. I guess my understanding of “new character” means more original characters created by MS and IG.

I think Eyedol is a cool character concept, but I agree, from what the devs have said on the S2 forums, they seem to be having a difficult time making him a fun character to play, and difficult to design from a visual standpoint. If that’s all the case, I’d be happier with a brand new character.

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It doesn’t feel much like KI anymore is the thing. I do love IGs color scheme for the Season 2 characters but aesthetically, the new characters don’t really fit the tone of KI even if they have unique moves.

Im tired of everyone hating on OMEN! HE is here to stay…get over it! Those that think he is the worst need to give him a shot. Omen is the shitt…nuff said

I don’t hate Omen I just don’t care about him. He’s really just a stick to me. I like all the other new characters and enjoy them a lot but I’m still aware that they don’t fit the KI tone (except for Hisako).

im not suggesting using these exact players as guests maybe some of the nintendos guys like battletoads buta pau mei trope would be awesome,im having fun guys let me dream