Healing KI plot with shadow skins

I dunno if it works but I guess it can be kinda innovative for fighting games. When you see mirror matches it’s inevitable. I think I’ve found a solution to help the lore of this KI game when there are matches between Jago & shago. Hisako vs shinsako. It could be stupid to think on locking remix character slots or vice-versa so instead why not make shadow skins more useful and always give it to the second player when those matches happen? If the first player pick Hisako and the second pick shinsako, shinsako gains a shadow skin automatically. Like a doppelganger mark. Bringing a new concept to fighting games. We have mirrors, we have rivals and not doppelganger “special” fights? I guess this could make the lore more consistent at some point. By doing this, Im quite sure remix character sells would increase…

The thought you bring up is very interesting because this differentiates characters without changing how they play. I think this idea seems cool every once inn a while but i think preserving the players ability too choose if They want or Don’t want a skin is optimal.

This idea suites a single player campaign experience in which continuity would feel more real. Especially for a mode like shadow lords.

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Buddy, I think you are putting WAY too much thought into mirror match justification. Like, more thought than should ever be put into it.

Fighting game lore is almost always (read: always always) crap and inconsistent because it’s near impossible to create a world and story that justifies everything relying upon 1v1 fights without creating glaring plot holes. The only game I can think of that accomplished this was Injustice, and that’s because the DC universe was already built to accommodate such a premise.

So… the lore is always going to be inconsistent and a little crappy/hammy. Normally, I would say “have at it” and enjoy the theorizing/nit-picking/etc. But with a fighting game, there will not be closure. Just let it go, mainly because there is no reason from a mechanical stand point to make that much of a differentiation across two characters, be they mirror matched or separate fighters.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot. Why would a minor cosmetic shift that would rarely ever be used (I’m sorry, I don’t see mirror matches pop up that often period) have anything to do with character sales? Like, at all?

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dont shadow lords already do this? the only time you fight actual charecters and not mimics or shadows are when its a special mission that lets you add them to your team, right? im pretty sure you cant fight yourself if you already have that charecter on the team

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Yes. In SL, the only time you fight a non shadow character is when you can add then to your group. You never fight non mimmic or shadow form when that character is already in your group.

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Aww C’mon man… It’s for single player and versus. Im not talking about shadow lords gameplay.

So you want a real quick way to tell the people apart then?