Heading to PAX? We want to know!

PAX Prime 2015 is just around the corner, and we’re hoping to meet as many of you as possible.

The obvious question is, which of you are heading to Seattle in just a couple of short weeks, and how long will you be in town? Why the extra question? Just nosy, is all.

Sorry to let you down but I won’t be there at PAX. But I’ll be at TGS so maybe there?? :wink:

Ah wouldn’t that be nice. Let’s see if I can convince the big wigs to send me there too!

I wish I could go to PAX or any Killer Instinct event for that matter. However, someone has to run the store. At least I get to play some Killer Instinct at work when we have a copy on the shelves :wink: I did get my EVO T and I am super excited for all the memorabilia to come. I have a large collection so far but as far as rounding out the display case, I think I finally have it nailed but tracking it down is the hard part. I want an empty KI1 Arcade cabinet so I can put in shelving and lightning. So the outside will have all the decals and the inside can house my comics, players guides, all my copies of the games, collectibles, and eventually the figurines. Mmm mmm I can’t wait until I can finally finish that. Even if it was a custom cabinet with new KI decals I would be happy too but as far as I know, I’ve yet to see any plain cabinets for that around.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right?
Just send them youtube footage of Domi’s bomb loop with Cinder. And I believe we also need to revisit Hisako’s level again…you know, look at an actual shrine up close. There, just gave you two reasons :smiley:
(And not to mention the fact that I am debating whether to get a windows 10 PC or a ps4)

Rukizzel Doesnt look like you guys will have any Killer instinct news in Pax so i dont think am coming, or watching, I will watch if KI news will be guaranteed…so is there a guaranteed Ki news ruk?

Any chance you guys will be at PAX East next year? Might be a great opportunity to show some S3 stuff off! I’m planning to be there, so it would be great to have the opportunity to meet the team!

DAT LOOP was insane!

I can neither confirm nor deny there will be news, but I can say that I’ll have some cool stuff on my person to give out.

Let me get through August first before I start thinking about next year! :smile:

I live in the area but won’t be going this year due to a fresh baby and all the costs that came with it.

I’m from the wonderful town of Hull in the UK sadly so i probably won’t be able to attend that one. Hopefully you get an event going in the UK though as i will be there in a heartbeat. :smile:

I know this feel all too well. Even 2 and a half years later. Congratulations on the new bundle, though!

Thanks I know what you mean last year I took my 3 year old (she’s 4 now) and we had a blast look forward to doing it again with both of them as they grow up.

Sorry, I’m being a little too overeager! Seattle is too much of a trek for me, so I won’t be attending PAX Prime. If you guys do end up attending next year’s PAX East, though, I will be there!

I will be there, hopefully Friday. Are you planning to have a station set up for some KI?