He should have accesories

I mean he cost 10$. Why he hasnt any accesory? I understand why Omen has less accesorys than the rest of the cast but Shago is a different case.


Because he qualifies as a bonus character or a Community Funded character. Whichever, just know he won’t be getting any. Although, I really wish he would have. Unfortunate.


I feel you man. :pensive:

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Yeah but thats the thing, Omen is a bonus characters but Shadow Jago isnt one in my opinion. I mean i paid 10$ for him.
Wherever i guess ill have to live with it. Luckly he isnt my main but this probably isnt fair for people that really likes Shago.


True, not to mention he has 11 colors. Idk man, sucks though.

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I hope he gets some down the road, I don’t mind paying cash for them.

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Doesn’t Shago cost that much because he comes with that KI Fight Monaaaay?
I agree with you though, not having accessories was a wasted potential.

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Pretty sure the bundle comes with Shago, regular Jago AND like $5 in KI gold.

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I didnt know that Jago is in the bundle to. Its a good explanation.

he need to have jagos retro skin with a skull imprint on the mask