He should get his bats back

i understand sabrewulf is a rush down…maybe just make him use hp+hk to summon bats…max of 2-3…but that they aren’t spammable…like a delay in how often he can use them…would atleast give him an option against kan-ras that spam his bug thing…such a hard match up…not impossible…i think it would be an interesting way to get in new set ups.what do you guys think?altho…I never realy understood why he had bats in the first place…id understand if he was a vampire…hmm…maybe some other projectile…like a ultrasonic howl…idk

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I don’t think Wulf needs a projectile. He’s really strong in his current state and having a projectile would make him downright bananas. Making him downright bananas would get the attention of the Keeper of the Nerf-Bat™.

Let’s keep wulf safe from the Nerf-Bat.

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I dont think he needs a projectile. He needs a better option from wakeup pressure. If IG would give him back his backdash he would have that ability. So what if wulf can play lame runaway, he cant do any damage unless he is within sweep distance. The old dash gave wulf players away to releave wakeup pressure without having to burn meter.


IG is saving the bats for the upcoming vampire character in season 3 :smile:


He doens’t need projectiles, he’s fair strong right now.

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If they gave him projectiles, they’d take away the stuff that actually makes him strong right now, so no thanks

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