He really DOES DAH!

So I was playing some KI, doing usual Tusk stuff. It came back to me how Keits had once said that Tusk doesn’t really DAH, only kind of in some of his linkers.

But then I heard it, in his ending animation, clear as day.


After an Ultra, when there’s no other sound on the stage
If you listen very closely
You can hear the D

I had to go through different clips over and over again to be sure that I wasn’t crazy
But the [Exert Sounds]

… This makes me a lot more excited than it probably should.


Oh yeah, I heard Tusk’s iconic “DAH!” cry now too :grin:

I really don’t hear it, unless it requires headphones. To me it sounds like aaaahhh woo-aahh.

Never mind, does require headphones. The D comes before aaaahhh woo-aahh.

I heard it on my phone speaker, but I’m also kinda odd.
It’s much more audible in the links to the Xbox Clips, so that might be it.

So [Exert Sounds] is really him saying DAH? That’s a clever way to hide it I must admit.

Speaking of which, anybody notice that DAH is also chanted all throughout his entire theme? Specifically the part after the choir gets into the 16 hit combo.

He says “Dah!” In some of The SL dialogs.

It’s hard to say this without sounding somewhat smug about it, so I apologize in advance, but I’ve known this since he was first released. I can see how some might have missed it, but still…yeah, it’s been there under our noses the whole time, just not as prominent and goofy-sounding as the original.

Now all we need is his “RUAH” sound. Anyone remember that one?

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We don’t accept apologies from your kind, Smuggy McDoucherson!

But on topic, are you sure this isn’t a case where you want to hear it and the sound is close enough so you think you do? Just saying, people have been wanting “Dah” for a while now. Groupthink does exist.

I had to make absolutely sure before I posted about it. I wouldn’t be posting about it if I didn’t make absolutely sure.
Believe me, I had to listen over and over before I posted. It’s difficult to hear, but it’s there.


I’m pretty darn happy they managed to incorporate that old silliness a little bit here. Tusk does occasionally say DAH during Moosejaw (the light follow-up to the Immortal Spirit command dash), though he doesn’t say it every time he does it.

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Yes but it’s such a weak dah in comparison to this loud obnoxious “Dah” in KI2.