HDR support?

Will KI be receiving HDR support along with 4k support later this year? I don’t plan on buying an Xbox One X but it would be cool to have HDR in KI on my Xbox One S on a shiny new 4k UHDTV.

Personally i dont see this being added. For starters its not a feature in the PC build, which is essentially what we’re getting on the Xbox One X.

Also HDR is great and i’m such a fan but its not necessary for Killer Instinct or any fighting game for that matter. HDR helps add realistic colours to the image. It really brings out the darks and lights. Something that isn’t ideal for a fighting game in my opinion. Especially one with KI’s unique and stylised art style.

Having KI in 4k on my console though will still look great and a big step up over 900p.

I would assume NO it will not have HDR.
Injustice 2 has HDR but I dont thin KI will be adding anything…its just the same game PC players arleady have.
HDR would be great though!