Having Trouble cashing out damage with TJ Combo

So I often play as combo and when I get close to finishing the combo to cash out damage for some reason(with or without auto barrage) he just stops attacking and the opponent is on “potential damage” even when I press the hard kick or hard punch button to end it. Are there any tips anyone recommends to make it easy to cash out the damage with little effort? Thanks.

Are you doing a special move as part of your heavy punches and kicks to end the combo? Because, if not, that’s how you get a proper ender in order to cash out damage. Also, only certain special moves can be used as enders (varies with each character) - for TJ, his tremor, rising uppercut, forward charge, flying knee, and auto-barrage are all enders.

Gonna try that now will get back to you on that.

Okay. If you’re in practice mode, you can look up the character’s command list simply by pressing the menu button on your controller - it’ll tell you how to do each special move, command normals, openers, linkers, enders, ultras, and stage ultras. It will also give you a detailed breakdown of each with some VERY useful and much needed info.

Back->forward->HP. Should give you power line ender every time, unless you’re stuck in an autobarrage loop.

I figured the problem. You have to watch carefully with combo unlike the rest of the cast, just wait until the auto double finishes and then end it unlike with the rest of the cast where you can do it earlier. Thanks.