Having a hard time with punishing jump ins with mist

Cant use air dash wel either help?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you playing Mira? Or are you fighting Mira?

Playing i cant get a misy punish vs jump ins

Do i just misy no directiom do it while there im the air what

Any video examples or screen shots

To get an actual punish you’d have to time the mist so you exit it before your opponent actually attacks… a whiffed jump in has I believe 4f of landing recovery. So you’d have to do it very early in their jump, and would risk getting hit.

You either do it straight up, or up forward, be happy with getting a free mixup from an opponent’s jump in. Don’t expect a punish.

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Maybe try punishing with down+HP instead? Seems like a decent button to me.


I dont know xr hp is slow and hit or miss for me
Heard misting in jump ins is a great tool for mira

If crHP is too slow to get the punish, then mist most certainly is too.


I only got started playing Mira this week but while Mist is a great way to nullify whatever the opponent tried to do with that jump-in, the recovery is quite sluggish so I don’t expect to get much of a punish.

The way I see it, the Mist is a way to get a free pass on situations that can be tricky to defend against such as Sadira’s aerial approaches (where ambigous dive kicks and multi-hitting j.MK are a thing) and Omen’s flight shenanigans, as well as the corner pressure of basically every character. Having a guaranteed way of escaping damage is just as good as dishing out free damage.

That said, I found that the bat she shoots out during instinct can act as a starter though if you’re proficient with tacking on a manual - it has hit opponents many times as I was misting through them, leading to accidental combo openings.


Like the others have said, Mist is more an evasion than a punish facilitator against jump-ins. Mist-up or uf will net you a mixup, midscreen Mist-back will force a return to neutral, and with your back to the corner, Mist-forward will give you the corner.

While it’s possible to flat-out punish with Mist, you need a hard read and to hit it practically as soon as they jump. As the others have said, with Mist you’re not looking to knock them out of the air, but punish their landing frames. Much like an Agano’s chunk-punish.

If you want to clip their wings, cr.HP x HP Reaping>combo is your best option.


Cr.MPxxHP Reaping will do in a pinch too, if they’re too low to the ground for Cr.HP to come out fast enough.

Cr hp recapture seems hard to pull off

It’s really not that hard, so long as they’re not right above your head. It can whiff in a handful of instances, so mind the spacing. If they’re far enough in front and low enough for cr.MPxx that is a more reliable button to hit the recap, bit less reliable for general AA purposes. My advice is to hit the lab and drill AAs.

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Im not the best jump or cross up kinda guy

Always seem to get hit when i do cr hp

Just gotta work on your reaction and timing, from what it sounds like. Unfortunately, those are pretty much your options. You can always just block their jumpin and find your way out of pressure. It’s not the best option, but it is an option.

There’s also MK Bite, which should be comfortable if you played SF4 Sakura or Ken. No damage, but a knockdown with free meaty st.HPxx setup to go offense, plus the rebate on grey life.

She’s got solid options, it’s just the onus of the player to utilize them to the best of our abilities.

maybe i need to see some videos of all the ways to punish them

jump ins always seem to do me in

You could also record a dummy in training mode to do jump-ins so you can test for yourself what works, what the timing really is and which angles are best.

It always helps me when I don’t have to second-guess the potential of my anti-air (or whatever else I am trying to do) because when I do, the hesitation means I often get hit even when I am using the right move. When I know in advance what makes the move tick, I can play much more confidently and shoot people down much sooner.

By experimenting with training mode you can calmly analyze the situation and try different things so you can iron out what factors will cause you to get hit when you do cr.HP, and by extension, home in on what makes it work.

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I’m not good in at jumping it itsa bad habit so i never used it not in with sfv. Guess I’m going to have to. I really think my tv has some lag

That’s kinda the thing about Mist-punish, there’s just too many possibilities for a comprehensive guide to even be feasible. We’re looking at 9 movement options with 8-30+ follow-up options out of those (about 300ish), before we consider situations and character specifics. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say our options are technically astronomical. What’s important is being able to lab out a small handful that generally work in their situation, and building on the ability to apply them as needed.

If you’re just not good at anti-airs in general, focus on being able to reliably AA with cr.HP and MK Bite before even worrying about fancy Mist tech. I guarantee you will become a stronger player faster than relying on what amount to gimmicks and advanced technology. Fundamentals translate game to game, character to character.

So, focus on being able to use her AAs reliably, use Mist to escape pressure. For now. Worrying about a zillion variables and setups before you’ve got a handle on the basics of your character will only cost you matches with little experience gained, due to preoccupation.

I believe in you.
Also, TV delay can be a killer. Maybe nickel and dime for a new/newer one?

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Next pay check im getting a monitor