Haven't played in months: WHAT DO I DO!?

'Sup guys. I know, fancy seeing me here after about 6-7 months. If you have me as a friend on Live, you probably have seen me online, mostly playing Halo, Overwatch, and Destiny. (firefight, fun, and grinding). Why have i neglected KI? I… sort have lost whatever skill I had prior to leaving for training. And even now, I might barely have time to do any more KI to coincide with other games. But the biggest hit of all is… idr Sadira’s match ups all too well. If I did play, I get blown up pretty easily. Ever since S3 launched, what have I missed? How are things here? If I indeed have to start back from the beginning, what should I master first? (No one needs to answer every little question, these are just brainstorming on the fly)

Welcome back :slight_smile: My two cents is that the first thing you should do is remember your opener game plan for each matchup. If you’re Sadira, offense is probably your favorite pastime. Just jump in, square off against some good opponents, and remember how to make those characters let you combo :slight_smile:

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Sadira works about the same. She’s got a few additional juggle options (she can juggle for days now actually) but does less damage overall. Has a new damage ender (QCB+P) and recluse ender now is a hard knockdown with no follow-up opportunity.

That’s pretty much the basics. You can still run her old game for the most part, just might have to run it slightly longer since she doesn’t hit as hard anymore.

I do remember now… Derp told me to work on her ground game a LOT and footsies too.

as wth everything else…practice and warm up :3 and get to know what’s changed.

Well, you should definitely do that as well. A little-known fact about Sadie is that she actually does have really good footsies and buttons, and you can actually get a lot of mileage out of playing her a bit more grounded.


L recluse all day boys.