Haven't been able to find in match all week

It’s just sits there “searching for an opponent”. Anyone else having this problem.

I’ve been able to have matches, but it does seem to take a while. The most annoying part for me is the check for DLC when I start the game. Today, I think I waited 30 minutes before I could play.

I should note that I am on PC.

I haven’t been having any issues either logging on or finding matches. Playing on the X1.

Try unplugging the power cable to your Xbox for 60 seconds, reconnecting and rebooting. That usually does the trick for me.

I wrote a fix for this on the forums… Let me try to find it


I’ll just explain what happened, what i did exactly, and how I was able to fix it!

I’ve been playing on Windows 10 mostly since season 3 launch, and 100% of the time within the last month, however, I decided to switch to my xbox one for a few matches the other night, and the game crashed every time as soon as it found an opponent in Ranked. I tunred off the “Instant-On” power mode option in the xbox settings, (bc that seems to make my KI crash 90% of the time, and hardly EVER when on “Energy-Saver” mode.)
Re-loaded KI, and it crashed pretty much before it got to the title screen. So I decided to go back and just play on Windows10. It signed me in just fine, but had trouble syncing data… Finally got it to sync and a msg popped up, “You will be unable to Save/Load Game” etc. I haven’t seen this one before, so I re-loaded KI again, and after it synced and game loaded, my profile was “erased”, back to LVL 1… I immediately closed KI and tried my fix for the other bug I had on Windows 10 when stuck on “Checking Downloadable Content” msg appears before playing. AND IT WORKED!

  1. Go to your “File Explorer” Then go up to “View” and check the Hidden Items box.
  2. Local C:
  3. Users
  4. “User folder”
  5. AppData folder
  6. Local
  7. Packages
  8. Microsoft.killerinstinct-win10 folder
  9. SystemAppData folder
  10. DELETE wgs folder
  11. Restart CPU

This fixed the new syncing issue i had an my profile was fully restored!!! Hope this helps the players and developers, and I apologize if this has already been mentioned.