Have the counter break worries changed?

Lately, with my aganos main, I throw out a counter break attempt and get grabbed immediately (particularly during that rolling shadow thing). Even my opponents are audibly surprised they got away with it.

Yet today I got caught in a super late, last-possible-frame counter break against glacius.

Did they apply new counter breaker windows or is this yet another (of many) aganos bugs? Can someone confirm ?

This is probably in the wrong place, apologies (don’t know if bug thread, aganos thread or general discussion if they applied this accepted the board)

I’m just seeing breaker bugs everywhere, counter breaks not registering, but the announcer calling it, lock outs with no time out. I think it’s buggy but there are othere aspects I think affect it too…

Internet speed differences

Tv refresh rates differences 240 htz vs 60 htz for example

Millisecond breaks

Some moves cause weird break bugs

Button mashing breaks

But since KI is basically a never ending beta and changes big and small are constantly being applied bugs are inevitable as far as I can tell…idk when there will be a complete final KI, but untill then I would expect bugs here and there.