Has their been any word on the size of the Eyedol Update?

The last update was basically reinstalling the entire game, any word on if its going to be the same this time?

Not yet but the achievements have updated for the game.

Here is hoping it isn’t another reinstall, I hate those, haha. Here is also hoping that the KI update shows up in the update section in preview.

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It’ll probably be kinda big since it’ll have a bunch of Shadow Lords stuff in it

Yeah, I figure, I just hope it isn’t as big as the last one.

I didn’t want Eyedol. But this dude looks really sick. I’m so glad they added him. Each Season has gotten better. I’d like to get good with him, but I’m afraid he seems like he’s going to be complicated like Gargos. He’s so close.

now we get eyedolol and then SH mode… KI will be huge! Something around 41GB!!!

I remember on the xbox one launch day, I downloaded ki and it was like 7 gb lol


I hope it’s not as big as the last update…if so I might as well have just gone with the Combo Breaker Edition since it won’t be finished downloading until next week :joy:

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It probably will be big, but not as big as the last one. I believe the last update contained the framework for Shadowlords, so from now on updates will just be adding more bits and pieces to it.