Has the mandatory xbox account hurt the KI forum community?

This forum feels much emptier than before. Less people, less threads, less activity. I understand why this may be done but, after the epic increase of users during the PC version threads /polls , all those people have been left outside of the forum, along with many like-ki-but-dont-have-an-xbox forum users.

Or is it just the lack of updates between seasons?

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Remember, it’s not so much an Xbox account as it is an MS account. There’s not much excuse to not have an MS account.

I do suspect that moving of the forums 2-3 times in such a short span has put a strain on some player’s efforts.

Feels like a trollololol-tack-on to create a dilemma.

Besides there’s technical problems, since I for example can’t access this site from my Android device, and today many people uses exclusively those to browse.
It’s discouraging to have to troubleshoot your device to access a game forum.

uh…what is that?

The things we take for granted );

Feels like “If we can’t get a logical connection here, think we can blame the lack of content stream?”

still not sure on what’s your stance about this issue

Could you go a little more in-depth with this issue please? What happens when you try to access it?

I log in the microsoft popup window, but it does bring the register window again, like it dismisses my login. After that, the microsoft window will not appear anymore and just redirect me to the create new account window again and again. Maybe because it detects me logged from my PC? Dunno.

been trying again. Even after cleaning my cookies up, now the MS login popup won’t even show up. It opens, and closes after a second.

Besides, can’t even fill a new account because window text is white, like the window, and you can’t see what you are typing.

I’m logged into multiple devices all the time w/ no issues.

What browser are you using on Android? Have you tried a different one to reproduce the issue?

the default android browser and chrome did not work.
EDIT: Now I am trying a browser with embedded flash player and it seems to be working fine. Maybe it was a flash issue.

In regard to the OP, I don’t think the Xbox gamertag linked accounts have hurt. I just think the forum went down for a couple of weeks and we lost a lot of people. Certainly some have not bothered to take the time to log in to the new one.

Surely people can just create separate Live accounts just for this site if they don’t have one/don’t want to disclose their gamertag, right? And if you’re a KI player, don’t you already have one?

I can’t comment on Android access, at least not until I finally get around to setting that new phone up.

I’m still wondering when we will be able to use our current Gamer Tags as usernames on the forums. I haven’t been “C88 TexAce” for over a month now but it still shows up as that every time I log back in.