Has the breaking for Shadow moves etc been tightened up?

Recently as of the Eyedol patch I’ve noticed it’s even harder to break Shadow moves than it was before. I can’t seem to break all the moves I used to break with the same accuracy,which has definitely cost me at least 2, if not 3 or more matches in ranked.

Clarification from @TheKeits or @Developers in general would be much appreciated.

Not a dev, but I haven’t personally noticed any differences here.

I remember shadow moves being made harder to break starting in S3 or something like that. I think the new timing that has to be learned adds a bit more skill and tension to a fight. I feel like I used to be able to mash breaker and I can’t really do that anymore because now I have to time my breaks.

You’re right, however I think the recent patch has been tightened up even further as I’m using the same timing I’ve been using throughout S3 and have had less success.

Ah, well I haven’t been able to play since the Eyedol update rolled around. Partially because I DON’T GET HIM FOR ANOTHER FOUR DAYS!! :frowning: :frowning:

Edit: and other interests

They havent changed. They have never changed as far as how hard it is to break. If you can find past patch notes to prove it, please post.
The only thing that changed was they were all given the same start up time after a shadow counter.

Unified Shadow Counter startup time across the entire cast. They start up in 8 frames now, making everyone’s better except Aganos’, which got 1 frame worse.

As far as breaking them, nothing has changed that has been officially announced. Your likely having 2 issues…Monitor lag or Online roll back lag.
Try breaking vs the CPu…if you still have issues, then its monitor lag.
Or you just haven’t practiced that particular shadow love enough and dont quite have the timing down.

I know I have trouble breaking some of the more difficult patterns online… but its me, not the system.

S3 made shadow moves easier to break, actually (I know, since I did the breaker trainer for my site).

I highly doubt there is any difference between last patch and this patch.

I remember I couldn’t break Shadows in S2 and after an update (still s2 I think) ppl easily started breaking them in different times too. I find myself also breaking them without a lot of struggle. So it’s a bit easier now.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll let you know if I find anything.