Has KI's netcode gotten worse over time?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting lag more often than I used to in past months. Screen-freezing, hit rollback, choppiness, etc. It could be rose-tinted glasses but I remember when 90+% of my matches were pretty much flawless and that’s not the case these days.

Nothing has changed, its you or your opponent. Even the bugs that plauged the mulitplayer this past month had nothing to do with KI the game itself. Ki hasnt changed in a long time.

Maybe turn off cross network and make sure Connection pass or fail is on. The lower the oppoenents Rank is also tends to have bad wifi connection with qualifier, bronze and silver. Its the Gold and killers that actually care if they have a strong Ethernet conneciton.

Now thats not everyone…so those that play with wifi or still in bronze dont take offense. IM just saying in my experiecne I find that newer low level players always have horrible connections.

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The game seems to run online about as well as it ever has to me. I chalk up any lag these days to the crazy distances I’m playing from.

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