Has IG/MS given a date when they plan to release full details of S3 features?

it appears there’s still more stuff coming in S3 that we don’t know about.

Think we will get this info before launch or over the coming months?



I’m still waiting to see what took 9 months to develop. They proved before that they can crank out a character a month so that’s 4 months. What was the other 5 months of man hours spent doing? Lighting and PC port? I don’t think so. They better have something pretty substantial to talk about yet.

Nothing yet, the only response is that its coming. I wouldn’t worry too much, we’'re already into the 2nd week of March now, news should be dropping sooner than we think (unless of course, you think “soon” is tomorrow or something)

well, each character takes 3-4 months, i believe they said. So while they released em 1/month in s2, they had started all of them before the launch of the season and had multiple people working on them daily.


let’s not get crazy now… we want quality here, that’s most important…

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