Hard matchups for Aria

Against Rash

So far, I have had mixed results. I have been able to win against some Killers or push them to their last pixel but fail miserably against others. What is your recommended strategy and body setup against Rash?

I have best success in Bass body and pushing back with Booster Assist and defending airspace with Blade Assist. Even though my record is mixed, it gave me a chance. (Rash’ shadow boot doesn’t allow me to stay close for long)

Arbiter and Omen also have my number most of the time :frowning:

The best thing is to always chase them while they run away. Most of these RASH love to run away, to spam wicked tongue into lp confirm or wrecked ball into into mk… Also do not attack after you block the boot kick animation because most times its a frame trap. You should not try to zone them. Go ham and attack, bait the shadow reversal ,then just body them. DONT PLAY A ZONING GAME. it does not work

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Thanks. That’s good advice. I hear many say the same about zoning being unproductive.

Staying close and on top is also tough with those big hitboxes and speed on his normals. Crazy.

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its a tough match up for ARIA. I have a hard time too. Those hitboxes piss me off cuz, it makes most RASH players win games they dont deserve to win.


An ok strategy is using blade body to DP punish everything he does. Blocked a wrecking ball? DP (thanks to the range of her blade she doesn’t have to worry about the occasional pushback). Blocked a ram? DP. Blocked a tongue? DP. Blocked a boot? DP. (though light boot is -2 if he doesn’t run cancel it but in that case just use Shadow DP to punish it.) You won’t be getting full combo punishes but you will annoy the heck out of them and they’ll eventually do something stupid. Just watch out when he has meter, if he late cancels into shadow big boot it’ll beat out your DP but he doesn’t get a combo off of it without instinct, plus it sends you flying across the screen to safety so it’s not that bad getting hit by it.

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I have lost many mostly by chip damage or eating his normals that both take a big chunk of my life.

Valuable advice here too. Thanks!

What is your gamer tag ? lets play some games so we share ARIA tech. mine is Biyemassi237. im a guy between.haha. We just have to adapt with time. we will get used to thier tendencies. You also need to play a good arbiter. it is so hard for ARIA


I am just a average player. So be warned, lol.

I am equally not only average but a casaul player. I dont play to get better. I play just for fun after work.haha

Any tips against Omen?

Against Omen? Jump and pray. In reality, he has a low and medium attack initiation, so you can just low parry and focus him with Attacks.

Just changed the title to discuss hard MUs in general.

Arbiter is definitely up there as hard to fight against.

So Aria is just difficult to go against Rash & possibly Arbiter? What about the rest of the cast?

ATTACK. and suffocate him with pressure

I am eating random fireballs a lot. Difficult to approach. Cannot just throw out an assist either.

@Berriz in principle, she does pretty well against everyone, because she is well rounded.

you should attack right from the beginning. I destroy most omen players with my ARIA

Random Arbiter tip, you can use his own grenade as a way to cover your body switch. It requires a bit of timing on your part but if he goes for one of his basic set ups then it becomes easy to time. For example if he throws a grenade on you after a throw and then does a meaty set up on your wake up just mash body switch after blocking his normal.

If he did normal into overhead swipe, medium and heavy are not a true blockstring so you’ll body switch after the normal, the grenade will drop on the floor, he’ll either get hit by it or block it, you’ll finish body switching in time to either confirm off the grenade into a combo or pressure him before he recovers from blocking. If he does light then you won’t switch despite mashing and you’ll both get reset to neutral from blocking the explosion.

If he did normal into lunge it’s a true blockstring so if you mash body switch it won’t come out and you’ll both just block the grenade and remain neutral.

If he did normal into command grab you’ll disappear, he’ll whiff the grab, he’ll get hit by the grenade, you finish switching in time to confirm into combo. (You can also use body switch on reaction to his command grabs in general since he has such huge recovery on them you’ll actually finish switching before he can hit you. Only useful if you really need to change bodies though since if you can react to the grab you’re better off jumping and punishing.)

Just make sure Arbiter doesn’t have armor during these or else he’ll just ignore the grenade and hit your new body.

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Thanks! those are my options? 'kay. I have to go into the lab with Arbiter and practice the timing and patterns for body switching.

We can arrange some sets, I have a decent Rash and a simply OK Arbiter

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