Hard Knockdown Frame Advantage Data

This is a bit preliminary, but it seems many hard knockdowns (excluding grabs) are noted as having 18 more advantaged frames in training mode than they should. I first started testing it on Riptor, who has 4 different HKD methods that aren’t grab (sweep, tail flip ender, predator HP and HK), all were 18 frames less advantaged than frame data said they should be. I was about to write an angry post in the Riptor sub-forum when I decided to test other characters’ sweeps, and it seems to apply to everyone, and potentially every hard knockdown.

If this is intentional, I’d like to see the data in training mode updated accordingly. If this is not intentional, please add those extra 18 frames to every HKD. Doesn’t matter much to me either way, though having those 18 extra frames sure would make Riptor oki a lot easier. :wink:

EDIT: There is also the third possibility that I am calculating frame advantage completely wrong, in which case I’d love to be corrected. The way I’ve been doing it is counting the frames between when I start jumping after performing a HKD, until when my opponent first starts jumping after recovering from the HKD.

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I have no idea how people can count frames in training mode. I have no idea how can they count frames at all either. I can only see that in the recorded matches in the files frame by frame.
So, how did you get that data? I’m curious =)

Maybe a tool on PC? :confused:

Xbox app on Windows 10 has a nice recording function built in with Game DVR. Gotta go to settings and change recording framerate to 60fps first, but once you do that just press Win+Alt+R to capture a clip, open it in some video playback program (I use MPC-HC), and then frame advance, counting the number of clicks.

It’s tedious, but it works.

Ah ok, I’ll see because I don’t use Win 10. Yet… :wink:

You can substitute the Xbox app for a recording tool like OBS or Xsplit, if you know how to use them.

Its a bit more tedious, but you can do the same thing with XB1. Record the clip, head to one of the third-party sites like xbox-clips.com and download the video. Then just use any application that has frame-by-frame playback like MPC-HC or AVIDemux and count the frames.

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