Happy new year 2017

Hi guys i wish you and your family a happy new year 2017 and best wishes, could the life bring the best for you and your family.
more money, more love and joyce… For all this Forum peoples without exception.

And overall i wish the best for the SPIDER COMMUNITY

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blindside206 ,stahlhagel25 ,TDBKi4Life ,startricker

AND MORE AND MORE LOL (these are the only ones i know of ive seen) but i wish the best for all Spider member.

ARE you GUYZ, UP TO ELECT THE BEST SPIDER QUEEN OF 2016-2017? im gonna make a date proposition soon,
A competition all in mirror matchs Sadira vs Sadira = show your skills :smirk: and let see that you are of has been The best Spider queen or year 2016-2017

it will happen between a saturday of a sunday ( we are goin to vote for it ) ill make proposal later in the year. in this proposal would be the months, and the day + hours ( it goin to be a vote choice and only the players allowed in competition would vote. ALSo prizes to win for the 3 first. like xbox live 1year etc… more details later in the year before july. so you guyz have enough time .


The Year 2017 is gonna passed now, Here i m wishing you happy new year 2018

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