Happy Holiday Season from an Ice Alien!

Hey all! Happy December! Hope it turns out to be a great month for all of you–and with the announcement of Shadow Jago’s release date, I’d say we’re off to a good start! Anyways, I whipped up a quick little illustration to welcome in the season, because winter and ice aliens go hand in hand:

My custom Glacius (who I’ve named Algidus) getting in the festive mood! Even aliens aren’t immune to the holiday spirit, apparently. Happy holidays to the lot of you!


That looks amazing! Great Job! Now I’m sad that I have to learn to beat glacius. (My least favorite matchup)

Aww, thank you! It was fun to work on, something quick and easy and generally relaxing with all those curving lines.

Best of luck learning the matchup to you! He can be a rather slippery alien to deal with… because you know… liquidize… okay, I’ll stop.


This is great! :snowflake: Happy Holidays, and thanks for sharing your great art!

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This is amazing. So festive too! Lol Algidus is happy that he gets to model for the camera. Good stuff!

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@adymunrox Thank you! And no problem, support like yours is a big reason towards why I enjoy doing this so much. :] I have other KI-related stuff for this season that I hope to be able to get out in time!

@TheNinjaOstrich Thank you~ Yes, Algidus likes to think he’s quite the looker and likes getting a chance to put that on display. :’] It’s not the first time I’ve drawn him modeling, either!

Woah! That’s great! Lol I love how you made his personality vibe like,

“Hell yeah. I know I look good. And there isn’t anything you can say about it”. :laughing:

Edit: Censor PLZ, Hades isn’t a bad word!

I’ll look forward to that then!

"Deck the halls with shatterhail… falalala la la la la

Watch as each hit drains your health… falalala la la la la.

Don’t be sad, you cannot rage quit… falalala la la la la

An Alien abducted my sister… falal- wait what?!"

(Suzy gets beamed up by the mothership)

“Well there goes Christmas…”