Happy Halloween To The KI Community!

So I thought a fun thing to do for the upcoming holiday and KI would be if we all posted something that showcases some scary KI-related materials as a way of celebrating both. It could be drawings, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, stories, videos, Halloween costumes, fan-made animations or games (the latter don’t necessarily have to be fighting games per se) - whatever you guys could come up with. I’ll get the ball rolling by posting these:



I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! Stay safe and healthy, and Happy Halloween!


Anyone produce some scary KI stuff?

Happy Halloween, guys. :slight_smile:

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Happy Halloween!
Well, I’m from Germany, I didn’t grow up with Halloween (I’m 40 years old) so I don’t know much about it.
Today I got drunk, last year I got drunk with friends on Halloween (d*mn you Covid 19).
Cheers and stay safe!


Amen to that. Especially for taking all the fun out of Halloween.




Awesome to see someone celebrate both KI and Halloween. Shame there hasn’t been more, although given the present circumstances with COVID, I can’t blame everyone for not being in the mood to do either.