Happy-belated Anniversery to KI

Not often do I get a chance to draw someting for KI and while this is late, hope you all enjoy.

First time drawing Cinder and second attempt at Glacius.



HA! Love it. Great work!

woulda been funny to have Glacius ice Cinder’s mouth/whole head in return for lighting the party hat
Really neat though, love the style.

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Glacius is more like “wtf” ???

Lol I’m sure he’s about to do that. standing next to a guy that generates a ton of heat.

In a manner of speaking I always had this outrageous idea that Glacius and Cinder wouldn’t ever get along. And if it were to come down to things he’d probably be the grouchiest fellow in the room when the hot-head shows up. Cinder would know this and just hang around him to ■■■■ him off. lol

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Cinder and Glacius: The Fire and Ice “buddies” :wink: Overall very nice and not bad at all too :smile:

HA HA poor Glacius! He looks so unamused by the smarmy fire being in front of him. <3 Also, ice alien in a party hat, why did I never think of this brilliant idea. ;w; Well done, great pic!