Han Solo movie Teaser and FULL Trailer!

Full trailer debuts tomorrow morning on Good Morning America. But for now…here is the teaser! It looks much darker and Rouge One like than I expected…I think its going to be great!

What do you think???


Pretty cool! Can’t wait now!

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Here is the FULL trailer!!!

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The actor Alden Ehrenreich is in a really tough position… everyone is comparing him to Harrison Ford and honestly IMO he doesn’t sound even close to him and unfortunately that’s going to be an issue with some people.
All I know if Emilia Clarke looks super hot! Im glad she is in the movie and Donald Glover looks great as Lando Calrissien!
And Woody Harrelson doesnt look half bad, I was worried about him being int he movie but he looks cool so far.

Yeah, this is an impossible role to take on. There’s no way to imitate such an iconic voice or screen presence. He does have the wry smile down which helps. It also doesn’t help that He’s 28 and Harrison Ford was 34/35 filming the original Star Wars (Han was supposed to be about 30). So we are talking “slightly youngish Han Solo.”

Nerds are going to hate this movie. They have been building towards a huge backlash. Both new movies (Force Awakens and the Last Jedi) came out to great reviews and huge commercial success and the Sith Lords of the internet have been troll posting and echo-chambering their way to create the idea that these movies are not very good or are unpopular with fans. Rogue One as well, albeit to a much lesser extent.

To me, the idea of a young Han Solo movie must have sounded like a slam dunk to whatever accountant or executive green lighted it. But as a creative endeavor it’s fraught with peril. The whole point of Han Solo (at least back when he shot first) is that he is a slightly mysterious, not very good (okay, downright bad) guy, who is really good at some things (piloting) and really bad at ofhers (life). Han is, in the original trilogy as accurately carried into the Force Awakens a ■■■■ up. But he was a badass ■■■■ up in a leather jacket that we all met at 8 years old and has become emblazoned in the minds of fans as the epitome of cool. So coming into this new project, how could they possibly stay true to a realistic, pre “New Hope” Han that anyone is going to like? It’s possible but really challenging.

The trailer looks good, although I see a bit too much young Captain Kirk from the Star Trek reboot. I hope they can pull it off. But I’m certain the movie will be savaged by the nerds of the internet.

I felt it looked very Star trek too! I cant wait to see it. I try to avoid all the haters and just make my own decisions on what I think about the movie. I need to see Last Jedi again too.
But your right , the trolls on the internet are getting wild when it comes to movies and trying to diminish their scores by flooding rotten tomatoes, ect…

I kind of feel sorry for the actor… I dont know if he can win in this situation regardless how well he does.

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after the dumpster fire that was last jedi, im not gonna hold my breath on this one