Halo Spartan as a season 4 guest

I know what a lot of people are going to say, we got the Arbiter he is a much more unique choice and I agree 100 percent he is unique. However he is not the main character of the series, Master Chief is.

Another point you might make is Master Chief would be boring because he is just a human, I disagree he is not a normal human he would tower over most of the cast like the Arbiter and he fits in KI because he is another cliche archetype. We got a Japanese Ghost Girl, a Highlander/Barbarian, and a werewolf how would a space marine not fit its just as cliche and common as all the other cast members.

Just like the Arbiter it won’t be the actual Master Chief just someone in the same armor so it does not effect the lore, like Nicole in DOA4 and Hal in Fable 2, it has been done before.

As for his moveset they can just take it directly from cut scenes and spartan abilities, as well as a Assault Rifle and a Pistol, his unique combo trait could be something like if he does a heavy auto double after shooting a gun the auto double does more damage in reference to the strategy of shooting then finishing with a melee. His Instinct could be a weapon spawn like spnkr or the sniper rifle or even both you just have to choose and it replaces which every weapon you have in your hand. He could also have a frag grenade basically he will use UNSC weapons and have a weapon switching mechanic where he can switch between his assault rifle and his pistol.

His costumes would be matching the Arbiters Halo 5 and Halo 2 or maybe Halo 1s with accessories to look like other characters.

I understand people hate guest characters but with 34 characters if we get season 4 I think one more would not hurt.

If we need to fill the “Space Marine” cliche with a guest, I would rather have Doomguy or a Warhammer 4k marine.

Nah… wouldn’t have more than one 1 guest per franchise

Never would happen but even if it did, they wouldnt use mc. probably use Nichole like they did with doa 4

They could do what they did with Arbiter and make a series of Spartans. MC, Locke, Emile, Palmer, and more.

After watching Osirus fight and kill that covenant leader in the beginning of Halo 5 I picture them fighting like Power Rangers. I’d welcome it, old power rangers shows were the beez knees.


I wouldnt mind a few more guest characters but not this season. To eventually have an Arbiter - Spartan fight within a fighting game with beyond solid mechanics would be amazeballs.

Still wanting that Rash - Donatello fight though, eventhough MS dont own the TMNT.

IMHO I would’ve prefered a good guy from Gears of War since we already have the bad guy from HALO, but hey, it’s done. He could’ve filled the “space marine” role.

Regarding a season 4 … I don’t think it’ll happen, but hope I’m wrong.

I do not agree. Im very happy with Arbiter, and im VERY happy it wasn’t Master Chief.

I love both characters, but Master Chief would just be so lame.


I havent played through Halo 5 yet (blame no couch co-op).
But what we’ve seen from the Arbiter in previous games, I wouldnt describe him as a bad guy. At the end of Halo 3 he had a lot of respect for the Master Chief.

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If Season 4 happens, we’ll have either all new characters or just one returning which most likely will be Eyedol. They will need guest characters to fill the roster, and a spartan is not out of the question. Season 4 could happen late 2016 early 2017. Halo Wars 2 will supposedly come out later this year with Halo 6 coming out 2017. Microsoft will want to promote Halo, and why not promote it through a cross-over? No matter what you guys think of Halo and MC, he is the biggest icon for Microsoft. Making a Spartan for KI is good promotional hype.

In order for him to work I think he has to be different in terms of game play from the Arbiter. Other than the shields, I think his fundamental mechanics has to be different. I liked the OP’s idea of the switching mechanic. Another mechanic I was thinking of when the Arbiter was revealed was the collection of items. In the similar vain as Phoenix Wright he must collect resources in order to reach his full potential.

In Halo multiplayer, one of the most important things you have to do is control the spawns of power weapons and abilities. He starts off with an AR/pistol combo. At certain times during the battle, weapons and abilities will be placed in the stage where the Spartan can collect them. He will have only two slots for weapons and one for abilities. The items he picks up can be switched and will eventually disappear as a limitation.

Possible Weapons could be Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, Sniper, or AR.

Possible Abilities/Equipment could be Camouflage, Jetpack, Drop Shield, infamous Armor Lock, Autosentry, Bubble Shield, Tripmines.

The abilities or equipment could either be persistent like in Reach or 4 or it can be single use like in Halo 3.

I think the problem with this concept is the delivery. Should they appear randomly, should there be fixed time during battle when certain items appear or should the Spartan have the ability to call out a specific item at a certain point during the battle? The care package concept was introduced in Halo 4 and abandoned in 5 because the fans thought it was too COD. But I think it could work here. Landing a significant combo will give you the ability to choose a type of care package you want dropped in the stage.

I have a ton of other stuff in my head :grin: I’ll come back a little later to finish it.