Halo Reach Backwards Compatibility

Pretty self explanatory. If anyone used to love Reach, hit me up, and we’ll play!

Nah. Split screen with my friend is horrible. Too many performance issues.

the game runs at like 15fps and has 50ms input delay. its AWFUL. and the xbox website said: “Halo Reach backwards compatibility is a great example of the power and performance of the xbox one”.

HA. yeah right.

i wonder what they can do to make it better?

i say just make Reach HD and put it on MC collection

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The thing about Reach is porting it into a form that’s HD upgraded and 60 fps, on the same scale of the Master Chief Collection is that they would have to build a whole new engine architecture based off of x86 Core functions. Halo 2 PC and Halo 1 PC were built to these specifications, so porting those into a playable form for the Xbox One wasn’t a difficult transition. Halo 3 I believe was the tricky one, as it was never ported to PC and it had to have a custom x86 architecture built from scratch, but since Halo 3 ODST was built on the same original engine as Halo 3, solving that problem for one solved it for the other, which is why it eventually became (free-ish) DLC for the MCC. Halo Reach would have to undergo a similar architecture redesign so that it could run on the Xbox One hardware, and given time and resources, 343 decided the main line of Halo’s story with the main numbered entries was enough.

Given how poorly the MCC launched and remains to this day, the argument could be made that Reach might have been spared a terrible fate. You no longer have near the level of customization you had in the original Halo 3 and 4, and given most have moved on to Halo 5, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Personally, I think the MCC is still salvageable, but not without some work, and at this point, 343 is making big profit off of Halo 5, and if I’m even more honest, for all the wrong reasons. I doubt they are interested in correcting the continued mistakes of a nearly forgotten title.

However, I have read that the Xbox Team has noted the issues in performance of the title and are currently working to fix it and get it running to speed. There may be hope yet, and in time Halo Reach may run as well on both consoles as it should be. But only time will tell, and my faith in that department isn’t that strong.

If you really want to get Halo Reach upgraded and added to the MCC though, I’d recommend going to Xbox Feedback and letting them know there. A lot of useful requested features have been pushed through because of that site, including backwards compatibility itself, being probably the most highly requested feature of all.

MCC failed because it was totally broken for the first week. and only partially working for the first month. If it would have worked smoothly, im sure it would have easily been the #1 played game for a long time. 343 Blew it harder than anyones ever blew it in videogame history. they are destroying the most popular FPS franchise in the world.

I don’t disagree with that assessment, and even with Halo 5 on the helm, people would easily have gone back and forth between the two for a long time to come, myself included, if it had worked properly. I still have the game to this day, and I don’t intend to trade it in, but I hardly find myself enjoying the multiplayer.

I did enjoy the Halo 2 Anniversary game modes a lot when they worked, but I also like to split screen with a friend of mine, and when we split screen the anniversary game mode, the frame rate dropped like a rock in a river.

Another thing that upset me was they used the Halo 2 PC engine to do get the game running. I could see why that decision was made, but I also played the original Halo 2 on PC as well, and I remembered the BR and the Sniper were horrible to use in that version. The sniping did not work AT ALL. The netcode did not register sniper shots anywhere as well as the console versions, so headshots did nothing. When I played the Halo 2 original multiplayer on the MCC, I knew right away what version they were using, because the same horrible hit detection from those two weapons had returned. They have made it much better over time, but it’s one of a monumental list of problems that never should have made it past quality assurance, and is another example of how that game was ruined early on.

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Random note, but Halo Reach remains my all-time favorite Halo game ever :grin: