Halo News!

I think @rukizzel said Saturday, so today. Can you confirm this?
Also I hope its the Fulgore Armor Set or the Halo MP announcer in KI

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OMG, Having Jeff Steitzer as one of the announcers in the game would literally complete me!

I’m pretty sure it’s just more Arbiter stuff. Back during the Arbiter trailer release they said “If you want to see more of Arbiter tune in blah blah blah”

You sure worry a lot! =)

Lemme go tweet about it…One second…

There. Happy?!

Also can confirm - today.


More arbiter stuff and possibly showing what Halo gets from this crossover.

@rukizzel Almost time??? Or will we have to wait until the final match?

From what I hear, semis. Maybe between first and second set. Maybe sooner. Maybe later. The only definitive answer that I just got before my tweet was some time in the semis.

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lol, man I hope it’s a good announcement

“Announcement” is a strong word and one that I don’t think fits this scenario.

I figured That :cry:

But its still news, so why not?

True - but you know me and tempering expectations. Let’s just say it fits the theme of what we have shown and talked about this week.

Hmmmmmm. Way to get me thinking! :smile:

Since this week has a lot to do with colors and costumes, i would guess it is new KI themed Halo Armor. And i dont have H5. So not relevant to me :unamused:. But i do enjoy Halo, so i can be happy for the other fans!

I’ve been tuning in on and off, hoping to catch it. Any chance we can get a clip up on the Killer Instinct Youtube channel after whatever it is happens? I think a lot of KI fans might be interested to see what it is, and everyone might not catch it live.

Calling it: Master Chief in KI.

Don’t think we need word of god to know this’ll happen.

These games are good, man. I dont even have H5, and its still interesting enough to watch

That final Naded and El Town flag game. That was crazy fast.

But where is KI.

WHAT THE HECK. That was it?


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Was extremely boring for me, so I turned on Diablo 3 and started farming for my DMO set.


That’s not it - but looks like we get two commercials in there!? I’m happy for it.