Halo News!

I remember hearing that something would happen during the Halo tournament this weekend. And i THINK they said it would be Today (Saturday).

Not only do i want to know exactly when the news will come out, but i am also worried that it may interrupt the Forum Battles event today.

Life will go on with or without the news, But if we could get some advanced warning about it, that would really be appreciated.

Probably Sunday around the finals. Arbiter trailer dropped before the finals began.

I bet the news is either Fulgore armor for Halo 5 or Arbiter will be available a week earlier for Ultra Edition owners (Pure speculation)

I think I know what’s coming. It may or may not be widely appreciated around here but it’s gonna be big.


Only things I can think of:

  • Eyedol;
  • Stages for every character;
  • New Shadow animation being optional;

Other than that there’s nothing so big coming to my mind.


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What do you tbink it’s gonna be? Do you think it’s Arbiter related, or other stuff?

If there’s a Fulgore Armor set, I’m gonna be happy as duck.


Probably Season 3 launch trailer.

well it is a esports event

so probably something esports related. or about arbiter.

remember back at worlds they did mention about turning KI into an esport, we still havent gotten word on what that means yet.

In a sense…

Why’s everyone guessing it’s going to be a launch trailer or Eyedol or something? It’s obviously going to be Arbiter related if its at a Halo event. I think they’re going to show off his colours and accessories

The Arbiter is a part of Season 3. It is possible that it could be the launch trailer. I actually think it’s going to be a video going through his costumes and accessories to get Halo fans hyped for S3.

We have Arbiter and a Halo stage.I wonder what is left. Hmmm… :unamused:

I am really hoping for a Fulgore armor set in Halo. I would wear it practically 24/7

are you implying a teaser of Master Chief may be shown?

If there is anything to be shown at a Halo event, it has to be that or something Arbiter related, there wouldn’t be any hype or sense to it otherwise.

I wonder is it about the esports stuff that Ms is gonna do now. We know halo and gears will do it. Maybe they’ll announce ki will do it too

I don’t they they will go out of their time just to show accessories for one character during that event… He already got a huge reaction during his reveal and trailer, I don’t think accessories would overlap those.

They usually take breaks and show community clips and trailers. I could see them showing off accessories.

Maybe it’s spartan accessories for fulgore

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