Halo 5

Who pre-ordered? Or who will get this on the first day?

I don’t pre-order but I’ll pick it up some time in the week.

I preordered so hyped for this game… Like never before in my life. Last time when I got my N64 for Christmas.

I have the 54 GB file already download, finished to download yesterday. I will be playing 27 afternoon after work!

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I picked this up weeks ago. After participating in the beta, despite its many issues with getting a match going, the gameplay itself was actually pretty rock solid and IMO is the best Halo in that department to date…

That being said, I’m a bit concerned about the direction they’re taking with the campaign.

In any case, I’m sure it’ll be all good come release time. :slight_smile:

I’ve pre-ordered, H5 is my most wanted game of the year.
I’ve spent the last month or so replaying the MCC. I just watched Forward unto Dawn last night, I’ll be watching all of Nightfall tonight - so hyped!!!

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Yeah getting it day one played all of them since the first cant wait already had the ending spoiled but ohwell

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That is the road to get ready to play Halo 5 my friend :grinning: :laughing: :wink:

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I haven’t much as I hate to say it, I’ll either wait and et it much later down the road, or skip out on this one. The lack of split screen means blue and I can’t go in the game together. It’s a shame actually cause this game looks like it would be perfect! just need playable elites and split-screen.

Hi all, besides multiplayer, please let me know your thoughts on the campaign too once you’ve played it a few hours.
Was planning to pick it up this weekend myself.

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Dude, I have been playing campaign. It is just amazing… They really expanded out of the limits of halo in story telling. Characters, dialogs, the plot… I am about to do the final mission.

The gameplay is perfect. And the campaign is just so fun! I would love to give more details but I dont want to spoiler.

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Ki and Halo 4 eva



My hero :+1:
And how epic was it? Without spoilers, please :slight_smile:

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I loved it!

The press picked it apart a little becusse things are unexplained but ALL NEW STARTS ARE

Did halo 1 make sense? Not really lol was it a huge stroy? Nope, but it was a new direction with plenty of scope for fresh things.

Great great great and im a huge halo fan whos done them all lone wolf :smile: this one of the best GAMES. Was it the best halo story? Probably not but its easily the best MP and as we know with KI that goes a LONG way.

Hit me up if your ever on war zone

Saved time.

CHEATING i did this wiyh with skill anyone who did this sint earn the achievement period and aint skilled enough to own it :smile:

Never be beaten buy a game!

That is incredible…

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What dont u like dude? im GLUED to the MP. Is so slick and fast!


You described all the things i love lol

How could u want cortana dead! Shes IS halo!

Here my plus points:

  • A campaign that still makes destiny COD titanfall look like crap. Its only really comparable to halo. Halo 1 didnt explain everything? This is a new chapter why would we know everything about whats going on? Lol

  • A new direcrion for Halo without the same flood elite prometiens circle. How many times could we do that?

  • Cortana is back and now the AI prometiens have a controller and a purpose. Who was even controling them after the didact died anyway? AI is the new direction.

  • Game play mechanics are sublime its fast but still feels like halo. Ground pound isnt essential but its amazing when u connect.

  • weapon balencing is perfection and start load outs and perks are fair not bias in arena. No one is going to JUST be using BRs

  • Arena and warzones is the best MP halo had.

  • Req cards are a nice addition that give things a random feel in warzone. Perks are spent and chosen not given. I have 19 tanks 15 ghosts atm i wouldn’t say i feel the need to buy any more req packs.

  • the way you can sell your rwq cards and open more packs and the ability to win more hyped versions on weapons and tanks etc

  • Armor and embs have to be unlocked keeping you playing and not just giving you everything.

  • breakout is fun and tense. Its new and skillfully

  • the shooting and de scoping is now much fairer along not being able to recharge yor sheilds when sprinting

  • new weapons are fun!

  • the enermy ai warzone are evil lol

  • 0 lag and the fastest match making ever!

Ive already spent way too much time on this game