Halo 5 release question

Hi there,

I am really hyped about Halo 5, I think is the most hyped game I have ever wanted to play. I want to ask something to this amazing community: the game is releasing 27th, but I need to know the exactly hour. Is it 00:00 hours PST? I have googled and search for it several times, but nothing.

By the way, someone else watched the Microsoft conference? Awesome staff… I am getting one of those Surface book.

Thank you so much.

If you’ve purchased the game digitally, it will be playable at 12:01am your local server time.

If you’ve purchased it via disc and receive that disc early, you will have access right away but there is no guarantee that 343i will have the MP/Co-op features active for all.

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Let the launch of Halo MCC be a lesson, there will certainly be server issues. But that isn’t stopping my from playing campaign that is.

I think so. Anyway, the beta was going fine for me. So I think it will be just fine this time.