Halloween moments

Was there a time you got scared or scared someone? Maybe you watched scary movies all night or had a good costume please let me know.

Last year I made a makeshift Scream/Ghostface costume. Most passersbys would compliment it so I think it was pretty good. So while I was passing out candy, I would stand still in front of the table with the bowl of candy and proceed to stare or try to scare other people. Some thought I was a statue and got scared when I moved, others didn’t even want to get close. The best parts were when they finally got the candy I would stare into their soul and the faces they would make, old and young, were amazing. These two teenagers ran away even when I puled a fake knife on them and screamed at the top of my lungs (it looked pretty real). They later came back and took a picture with me. Best fun I’ve had scaring a whole neighborhood and many really enjoyed the creepy factor I brought.

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The Exorcist is the only movie that has ever truly scared me when I was young.
Ive always had great costumes as Im an avid Michael Myers mask collector.