Halloween Event?

I haven’t heard of any type of event, double xp weekend, nothing along those lines. I guess when the team teased some questions related to Halloween I expect more than a horror pack dlc that really didn’t feature anything new. I was hoping for pumpkinheads or at least double xp with some hidden in-game easter egg to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

I mean, I may be jumping the gun here but at this point, one day prior and I guess I can’t help but feel a tad disappointed. Then again, IG did spoil us with the constant bombardments of content. Either way, I’m sure they are working hard to give us great things in the future.

Would be great. As someone that doesn’t get a chance to play much, double XP weekends are nice. Halloween seems like an obvious choice for some kind of event for this game.

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YES I WANT THIS!!! Lets do it


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Yeah, I too was hoping/anticipating a 2x XP weekend, Halloween themed accessories, and SHAGO release! :smiling_imp:

There is still time!!!

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Well, looks like nothing actually happened. I can’t say i’m not surprised but what a bummer. I was really hoping for something nice.

Still that’s okay, i’m sure the devs have greater things in store.