Halloween costume suggestions?

Its Halloween!!
Any character costume ideas?

Riptor=Barney Costume
Fulgore= Power Ramger costume
Hisako= Bedsheet ghost
Sadira=Spider-Woman costume

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Cinder- Jack-o-lantern costume
Jago- Ryu Hayabusa
Orchid- Matrix-esque costume
Spinal- Full-on pirate costume

Jago vs Fulgore


Kamen Rider Cinder
reminds me his teaser when he was using a mechanical armor…

motorcycle on fire :laughing:

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Oh? I guess I will have to Final Vent you then.


Perhaps Dracula Kan Ra?

I would love a silhouette costumes for all the characters. I think it would be easy and would give a dark feel.

Any Orchid 2013 costume ive seen looks dawdy.
Its the redesign fault tho

Goggles, fannypack, shorts with a kevlar thingie with tank top …