Hades (Early Access)

Super Giant Games Has done it again… :smiley:

Its like they have a knack for just making Simple Games with a lot of depth to them…


And this all-new game is VERY clearly based on classical Greek mythology too :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing this a bunch lately. I’ve liked Supergiant’s previous games, but Hades genuinely feels like it’s going to be their best one quite easily.

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I mean… to be fair I’ve said that about Transistor and then Pyre…
This may be impossible to believe but I honestly think they will always be able to 1-Up their Previous Games every single time…

That being said… with Hades you can see really its just a nice mish mash of all their Previous games… its not Original (Other than the Procedurally Generated Stuff Ofcourse) but its all very much improved. Its like they are “Perfecting Bastion”.

Aside from Bastion I’ve always felt like there was always one or two things holding back their games. Transistor’s story was too breezy and obscure for its own good, and Pyre’s campaign becomes pretty rote and repetitive despite a good story with fleshed-out characters. Worst thing I can say about Bastion was that it’s relatively basic, but what it did what it did well.

So far Hades has all of those strengths and pretty much none of the flaws. It already boasts depth and highly replayable systems, the story is intriguing and gradually builds up the characters and background details from run to run, and the action feels good. The few criticisms I have regarding variety and variation are likely going to be addressed as the game gets closer to launch, so I’m excited to see what the game is going to look like at 1.0 when the ending act is added.

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Old News

BEHOLD !!! The Long Winter Update (Concise version is in the OP)…

This Update actually came out a while back, I just missed it because I was occupied by other stuff.
that and I have started to change my oppinion on the game itself after Defeating and Being Defeated by the first Boss Multiple Times.

The Short version is… Theres just too much #*!& !!!
Long Version… The Screen is literally Splattered with Enemies, Special Effects and All kinds of Visual Noise and Clutter that its just borderline Chaotic at times. I kid you not, I’ve litterally lost track of My Character’s position on screen just because the games idea of a challenge is just to throw everything at you all at the same time. I’ve tried, I really tried but damage in these encounters is unavoidable… or rather the only way to avoid damage is to focus exclusively on evading. Any Attempt to retaliate (Even when you think its safe to do so) results in me getting clipped by something from somewhere. The Damage enemies deal isnt even that High, its just Unrelenting and… well… Everywhere at all times.

I knew it was bound to happen at some point but I just wasn’t ready for Super Giant to make a game I didnt think was that great. Look, this isnt the first game they made I didnt like, I didnt really like Transister and Pyre all that much, But I still maintain they were well designed. Hades ironically enough has more or less the same level of quality regarding its design in other areas, but the Visual Bombardment is Extremely Excessive.

or… is that how RogueLikes are suppose to be ? :thinking:

Aha !!! This time Im Right on Schedule !!! :smiling_imp:

You know, Ive done over 50 Runs in god knows how many hours and yet I still havent managed to escape yet. I managed to reach what I assume is the Final Boss Twice. Him and all his ads are tough ■■■■■■■■. I’l just keep focusing on The Mirror Upgrades and Hope RNG is in my favour on future Attempts.

I managed to successfully escape… Twice infact. and you know what… it was rather dissapointing. The Reward for Succesfully getting out is the same as for Beating the first boss. Which is a Problem because the Last Boss Guarding The Exit is Extremely Obnoxious and also alil too Similar to the 2nd MiniBoss. This Reward can also be Purchased for 1500 Obols Literally in the Room just before the Final Boss so Really I personally dont See Reason to Fight him if I can just Hord Obols and Cash Out Early without having to Suffer.

As for the Entire Journey as Whole, escaping seems alil too Dependent on RNG, Specifically the Boons. The Only times I’ve managed to get far is when I get a Powerfull Combination of Rare Boons from Specific Olympians.

So… I’l just keep doing the Obol Hoarding Trick until they nerf that and the only Reason I’l keep playing is to Further each Character’s Narrative. Escape is Overrated and Hell isn’t such a Bad Place. Thats where all the Cool Kids Hang Out anyway.