is a great way to convert your KI clips to webm format

It is really easy to use. I think I’m going to use it to show cool moments and tech. Here is an example:


Alright, I got this covered! Thanks for sharing. :wink:

“This type of video file isn’t supported.”

…is what it says on my XB1 MS Edge app. :frowning:

Same, which is why it isn’t good to use that format. Not every device supports it.

Uploading your clips to gfycat is great (I use gfycat for everything in my guide!), but there are some things to know about it.

  • Clips can be a max of 15 seconds, and don’t have sound
  • If you link the gfycat, be sure to direct them to the actual gfycat URL. The nice thing about gfycat is that it stores a variety of video formats and will play the best format that your browser supports. So if some people are using Edge (switch to a better browser, people!!!), and it can’t play webms, then it will give them the next best thing it has (maybe even the raw gif). You can just link them the .webm file directly but some browsers don’t like that.

I would love to see the forums support gfycat direct embedding, much like it does for youtube or any other video format. It’s easy to find the embed code on their website and I imagine integrating it into the forums isn’t that tough.

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The reason why Web-Devs dislike MS. Aways behind. Webm = great quality with low file size compared to gif format.

Wanted to follow up and say that the forums already do support gfycat embed, which is cool! I’ve actually used it on the forums in the past so I’m not sure why I forgot it worked. But yeah, you just copy your gfycat link and it embeds for you.