Guys, I need help!

Guy’s I know this is nothing new but I does anyone have any advice for Boss Shago?

I’ve been playing and loving KI since Season 2 and so far I’d call myself above average but nothing special (qualified as Silver but comfortably beat Gold rank and the odd Killer online)

I main Fulgore and have embarrassingly still never beat Shadow Jago. His kicked my arse about 70 times now, he seems to just have an answer for everything I do. I hit him, he combo breaks. I combo break him, he counter breaks. I block, he grabs. I jump over his dark slide, he seems to immediately uppercut. I try to cross up, he’s immediately ready. Do his attacks just have ridiculously low frames??

But in any case rambling aside, does anyone have an advice to beat him?

Do you want to do it properly or cheaply? You can beat him cheaply by getting first hit then mashing jab till time out. I have a vid on youtube same name as here.

Edit… Not sure if it still works actually, but I would imagine nothing has changed.

Gonna be honest here, I cheesed him hard with Jago using delayed wake up DPs and when Shago rises again, I wait half a second to do another DP. It worked a great sum of the time. I’m sure doing Fulgore’s Light DP in the same fashion could help in a way.

I kinda want to do it legitimately. Gone are the days when we needed to unlock his stage and there’s no achievement to unlock. I just want to beat him and feel awesome about it :smiley:

Well the only thing I can suggest is really short combos, as he will break everything and is cheap as hell. Good luck :wink:

You know you can change the difficulty at the character select for story mode right? Just put it on beginner. lol

Don’t think that works. IIRC you can’t get to him on Beginner, only on Medium and up and when you do get to him, Difficulty spikes to Kyle.

Lol I learnt to short combo him pretty quickly.

I’ll definitely try light DP’s on him, that could be a good shout.

Yeah unfortunately you can’t put him on beginner, he’s always on Ultimate Kyle Difficulty

Do you want to know how to defeat Shadow Jago boss? It’s easy!

  1. Choose Jago
  2. Spamming :arrow_right: HK, :arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right:HP

EDIT: Wait… My post for Season 1-2, but no S3. Oh well, my post is useless. : /

He’s basically uber cheap because that version of Shadow Jago is meant to be ridiculously hard on purpose, but he’s very much beatable. The key really is to find nice damaging attacks to respond with against him, and keep your combos short, like this is one battle where opener ender combos aren’t a bad idea. He breaks almost all combos, but there is a rare instance where he may fail to break and that’s where you get lucky on whatever ender you pull out to hit him with.

Basically, stuff like Thunder’s command grabs, especially the shadow version, and good, high damage pokes you can respond with reasonably on reaction or maybe even on prediction. Basic throws are also good, and try and see if you can find problems with his AI. At certain ranges and situations, you can sometimes narrow down his responses and actually predict his moves.

Combo breakers and counter breakers are almost always risky against him, as he has the cheap AI that doesn’t really react at that point, but more or less is input reading. Rarely will he ever guess wrong or ■■■■■ up or fall for a trap.

As far as Fulgore specific strats, I can’t help you there. I always beat him with Thunder.

Thanks, that’s a really helpful post, trouble is since Season 3 if I do short combos without anything breakable, he can and will break the ender. I’m thinking I might try to keep attacking and hope he slips up and lockouts

You could break an opener ender in seasons 1 and 2, but in season 3 it doesn’t cash out white damage without a breakable move in between. I would recommend light manuals if you can squeeze them in, that’s the best you can do, but even those are breakable enough for him. He’s a button reading nightmare, and you’re best bet is to find high damage single hits and things to hurt him, and maintain defense.

Some characters are much more well equipped than others to beat him I believe. It can be more difficult with some, but hype beam is a decent high power punish under the right circumstance. Just be sure the tradeoff of all your meter is worth punishing him. If you’re sure it could end a lifebar or something, it may be worth it to go for it, but just as a single punishment, it may not be worth it.

Also, considering Fulgore needs a good offensive to build meter, this fight is sort of rigged against you, as Shadow Jago will most likely be keeping you on the defensive A LOT, which in turn affects your meter gain speed. This limits your options such as shadow counters, shadow DPs for high damage punishes, hype beam, etc. This is one fight Fulgore isn’t great at, but it can be done.

If all else fails, ask yourself “what would Youtube do?” And check and see if anyone on there has done it with Fulgore and try to copy their tactics.

My advice: pay attention to his heavy slide!

It may not seem that way but it is unsafe. you can always coax him to do it by keeping a certain distance from him and punish accordingly (light normals highly recommended)

You’re totally right meter management has been one of my biggest issues against him, particularly that he can drain it with his instinct. So far I’ve been avoiding shadow attacks, saving my instinct for when he uses his to try and counter balance it and using the devastation beam when i get a good chance. So far I’ve never been able to follow up the devastation beam with anything to take advantage of the potential damage, he seems to get somehow even more offensive whenever I hit him with it

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while myself so any information on how Fulgore could achieve this would be great (as I’m currently a Fulgore main and don’t want to use Jago if I don’t have to as I feel that might be a little cheap, if contextually interesting story wise).

I used Jago a month or so ago and beat him mainly by using Crouching medium punch sword into laser sword and DP ender/ shadow DP if I had it.

Short combos and lots of pokes with the sword to get his health down.

the more matches you play against Shago the better he gets at reading you. Thats the Kyle difficulty… so the quicker you beat him the better.

Good luck…I know last summer he beat me 65 times one night lol

I’ve beat him fairly with thunder (not even one of my best lol)

And unfairly with sadira. Jump HP widows bite constantly… chips damage will beat him lol

I fought him 60 times in a row the day before season 3 released. The 60th time I got lucky, it was also with Fullgore, I just did a lot of teleports behind his back, blocked his unsafe slide, short combo’s and a healthy dose of luck :sunglasses:

I have a series of youtube videos where I beat him with every S1 character during S2. So if that sounds helpful go watch them :wink:

Awesome thank you! That’s great I’ll definitely watch that.

Also thank you everyone for actually giving advice and not just mocking me for not being able to do it :D. It reliefs me to hear how much others have struggled with this guy too