Guys! character 3!

If it’s a new character it can’t be shadow orchid, YES!!!


For once, I thought this thread was an actual tease.


Well, if it doesn’t reuse assets or moves then it could be “new” while still being Shorchid…

Sharkman TJ Wombo

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Anything will be better than ShinSako. I’m kind of disappointed with her. The only character I haven’t bought.

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I got this guys.


Cool thread bro

Maximilian highly suggests it’s another guest character.

Possibly Joanna Dark.

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I really, really, really, really hope not.

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I feel better off with the three we have now.

So far that makes two of us

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As stated many times, it’s a new character. There’s little need for this because already have threads trying to guess who it is.