Gunshot Normals?

While practicing against Kilgore, I never saw him do far-standing punch normals. Are his gun attacks his far-standing normals/command attacks and not special moves? I was able to break a shadow move after a close-range gunshot, so if this is the case, some of them seem to count as openers, similar to Tusk or Glacius’ f+MP.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think they are normals or specials (or both)?

His punches are his chaingun, not his special moves.
Hope I understood your question right…

Love playing as Kilgore though, like I said in another thread, he moves so smoothly for a rustbucket, possible new fav :sunglasses:

Care to go into more detail? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, how are you already playing him? :confused:

set a cpu vs cpu match, press start and then press command list


Play SL, complete the 4 missions and you can recruit him into your team, only played 2 matches as him, since I’m currently stuck on only godlike SL and was close to being invaded.

I’m not really the person to ask for specifics since I’m really casual and well…language… but here goes:
his railgun is his HP, down and HP is low railgun, back and HP was a balerina spin shooting the railgun in all ditections if I remember correctly. The more he shoots it the more overloaded he gets, bullets travel less far, but explode for potential damage. In instinct they keep their range but have overloaded strength.
His Blanka move is an awesome and fast but very punishable move.
His uppercut and forward dashing attack are about the same as Fulgore, the rest slipped my mind for a bit, was a lot to take in and almost midnight.

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Do you need a specific character for the quest?

Thanks! I don’t use that mode at all, so I didn’t know you could do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t see anyone else talking about his moves, so I assumed nobody really knew what they were.

@Draigh I can’t access SL at all because my game crashes every time I start the mode ever since the 3.5 update. :cry:

I think the mission starts with Fulgore, though it could be anyone ultratech aligned, but after that it opens up to anyone.

I cant start the mode either without crashing except for godlike difficulty, have you tried that?

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No, as there is no option before the crash.

Ok, just checking, the crash on my game happens after the character select when the aria warning cutscene starts.
Hope its gets fixed soon for you.

As for myself, I have found Godlike to be a bit easy now, which surprised me (I have a good selection of guardians/power-ups, but still…). I lose to about half of the gold players, but I can beat the omens and Gargos on godlike without ever losing my first lifebar…

How much did they nerf him?

Maybe they should make a cosmic difficulty level now…