Guilty Gear Strive

I am a bit shocked that there’s not a thread about this already. @moderators please just roll this up if there’s already a thread and I somehow missed it.

So, the Guilty Gear Strive beta is running right now and I’ve seen a few videos. I am not generally a Guilty Gear fan and I couldn’t tell you anything about the gameplay and whether it will be more or less fun than previous versions. But I can tell you that I continue to be blown away by Arc System Works engine and the presentation I’m their games.

They intros involve 3D camera movement showcasing a fully rendered stage background. And they even have stage transitions mid-battle. While some of the stages are better than others I wouldn’t say the individual stages blow me away, but the sense of 3 dimensions they are adding with some of the moves and supers really makes a big impact on the viewer. And the cell shaded characters continue to be mind bending in their ability to imitate hand drawn art.

I don’t know if their secret sauce is some kind of godlike tech or just making Ho-hum tech look amazing, but looking at their games is about the closest thing in modern gaming to that feel of walking into an arcade and seeing the latest hotness. Not much out there these days makes me say “wow.” But they’ve definitely got it.

It also highlights for me just how much Kinsiffers from the design decision or engine limitation or failure of imagination (or combination of all three) that lead to the inability to own the camera around the stages. While I think that the KI stages are beautiful - and arguably better than the GG strive stages when viewed flat even though GG benefits from 7+ years of tech development on this console generation, the addition of 3D movement to finishers like Ultra’s and Ultimates would have really added some impact to them.

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New Frame actually did a video on how Arc System Works do their animations.

Also It seems like they added Gear Icon’s at each section of the Tension Meter to represent how full they were. While this is definitely better than it was earlier, I don’t know if this functions better than The design in Xrd. The Entire Tension Bar in that game would change colour based on how full it was, in my oppinion I think that was easier to asses in the heat of battle than Icons.

In any case, Game is still in development so we’l see how the UI all comes together once its done.


I like the music:

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Finally got a chance to watch the video. Fantastic video and a truly fascinating process.

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