Guilty Gear Strive System Changes

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DISCLAIMER: This Thread isnt about all things Guilty Gear Strive (GGS)… I just wanted to go over few things that are new and different. If anyone wants to make an Official Thread then that would be great :slight_smile:

Soooooo… Guilty Gear Strive:

Apparently ArcSys decided to buckle and down and change ALOT of everything people have grown accustomed to… which is alright with me because I never got accustomed to the previous game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

But I hear not everybody is on board with all the changes… and If I could sum it up in just one Sentence its: GGS has removed a certain amount of Complexity from the previous game. Classic !!! Its an issue that comes up as Fighting Games get more popular and Honestly thats all I want to say about it… I’ve been in enough Debates… I’m tired… so… Moving On.

Whats new ? Well here are the Highlights:

  • Simplified and Cleaned Up The In Game Interface.
  • Exaggerated Visual Effects on some Counter Hits (Basically Like SFV Crush Counters or MK11 Crushing Blows).
  • Limited Combo Duration, Damage and Conversions Off Light Attacks and Mix Ups (Lows and Overheads).
  • Added a Dedicated Throw Input and Included Whiffed Throw Animation (No Longer Starts Up Frame 1).
  • Instant Block now Gives Tension Rather that Reduced Block Stun.
  • General Execution Changes (Not Character Specific).
  • There Appears to be a new Passive Status Buff and Debuff Mechanic.
  • Theres Real Time Stage Transitions Now.
  • No DANGER TIME !!! (If you listen very carefully, you can hear the faint weeping of the 2 only GG Players who liked Danger Time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
  • The Overall Visual Aesthetic Is Slightly Different.

Heres a video all the Main Changes as Recent as 3 Months Ago…

So… Any thoughts ? any one ? I’l go first…

Reserved For My Opinion…