Guilty Gear Strive System Changes

DISCLAIMER: This Thread isnt about all things Guilty Gear Strive (GGS)… I just wanted to go over few things that are new and different. If anyone wants to make an Official Thread then that would be great :slight_smile:

Soooooo… Guilty Gear Strive:

Apparently ArcSys decided to buckle and down and change ALOT of everything people have grown accustomed to… which is alright with me because I never got accustomed to the previous game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

But I hear not everybody is on board with all the changes… and If I could sum it up in just one Sentence its: GGS has removed a certain amount of Complexity from the previous game. Classic !!! Its an issue that comes up as Fighting Games get more popular and Honestly thats all I want to say about it… I’ve been in enough Debates… I’m tired… so… Moving On.

Whats new ? Well here are the Highlights:

  • Simplified and Cleaned Up The In Game Interface.
  • Exaggerated Visual Effects on some Counter Hits (Basically Like SFV Crush Counters or MK11 Crushing Blows).
  • Limited Combo Duration, Damage and Conversions Off Light Attacks and Mix Ups (Lows and Overheads).
  • Added a Dedicated Throw Input and Included Whiffed Throw Animation (No Longer Starts Up Frame 1).
  • Instant Block now Gives Tension Rather that Reduced Block Stun.
  • General Execution Changes (Not Character Specific).
  • There Appears to be a new Passive Status Buff and Debuff Mechanic.
  • Theres Real Time Stage Transitions Now.
  • No DANGER TIME !!! (If you listen very carefully, you can hear the faint weeping of the 2 only GG Players who liked Danger Time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
  • The Overall Visual Aesthetic Is Slightly Different.

Heres a video all the Main Changes as Recent as 3 Months Ago…

So… Any thoughts ? any one ? I’l go first…

Reserved For My Opinion…


@Lulekani @STORM179


THIS IS HUGE !!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

w00t indeed. :slight_smile:

Zinac (one of the guys who worked on KI) is also apparently a part of the ASW team, so I’m pretty hopeful their implementation will actually be really good! Shout outs to him and all the others within the team who pushed for this!

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Smart of them to Have someone with Experience with This Type of Netcode on the team (I Hope).

Unfortunately, I was never a huge fan of GG. Unlike Granblue, I just didn’t enjoy playing most characters in past versions nor its battle mechanics🤷 I’m torn but I will just end up buying and playing it just a bit assuming the characters are mostly the same.

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Me Too… I only Played it just for Baiken… and since she hasnt been anounced yet then I too shall be skipping GGS… until they bring back Katana Waifu !!!

BTW, Narmaya is kinda cool.